Moving onward and upward…literally

My lord. I cannot keep up, y’all. I’m trying, but each time I take a couple of steps in the right direction, something else just plops right back into a different place.

Husband and I just moved to our new assignment three weeks ago. Girl and Boy Child didn’t make the move with us just yet — they’re busy gallivanting around the West Coast with my mom and dad. Which, let’s be honest, I would love to do right now. But I can’t. Because, adulting is real, yo.


This move has been one of the weirdest, craziest and most friendly ones to date. After I posted about receiving the notification that we would be trading in beer and schnitzel for tea and crumpets, I was offered the chance to telecommute from home. Which meant I would be able to keep my job. Which was freaking awesome. But…(insert long, drawn-out, dramatic pause here) it also meant that I would be working almost full-time through the entire process. Something that I haven’t done before. I don’t necessarily recommend it. However, in the same breath, I will say that it was nice to not have to worry about packing boxes and wondering whether or not a mover will gash his head open on the side of the house (true story when we moved to Germany).

The weird

Everything happened so freaking fast. From the moment we found out, to right now, it all feels like such a big blur. It was also the shortest move we’ve done — only 526 miles. It made me a little sad when the mileage count on our “where we’ve been” signs didn’t increase exponentially like it usually does. But hey, they speak English here, so there’s that. Also? Driving your car on to a train is highly recommended at least once in your life.

The crazy

We’ve only been here three weeks, and we’re already down an adult. No, not literally…but almost. Husband was playing soccer and managed to injure the ever-living heck out of himself. Broken collarbone and a tiny crack in his left wrist. I can’t make this crap up, yo. It was a quick, crash-course in driving on the motorways and roundabouts, as well as figuring out where the nearest military treatment facility was.


The friendly

Everyone here has been so welcoming and friendly. I suspect that may wear off eventually, when they realize what a bunch of dorky weirdos we are. Although this place is small (like you can run a 5K around the entire base small), it is truly like a family here. I’m sure Drunk Uncle is hiding around somewhere, but we haven’t found him yet.


So there’s my quick update. I’ve got at least one more post in the works (Prague, anyone?) and then we head on vacation to pick up Boy Child and Girl Child for two weeks. I’ve missed this kind of writing, and I will do my best to get better about posting on here. I think it’s almost time for a revamp, so we’ll see what kind of magic I might be able to weave.


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